Welcome, Centre Ambassadors!

The Centre turns 30 this year, with an ambitious $30,000 goal.

We’ve had 30 years of working to support women and families in our community. Three decades of supporters like you helping us move from providing supports in a three-bedroom house with a garage as converted day care to becoming the community’s sole women and family focused emergency shelter with women-centric food bank, drop-in, harm reduction and educational programming. We’ve served as a resource to thousands of women during times of crisis. We’re still here, and today our cause is as clear and compelling as ever- to support women and kids when they need us the most.

To mark this milestone anniversary, the Centre is looking ahead to the integral role we can all play in setting up kids and families in shelter for housing success and longer term stability. We’ve seen first-hand the devastating impacts that homelessness has on kids accessing emergency shelter. Together, we’re going to drop that impact and ramp up some positive change.

We've set an ambitious goal for $30,000, and your support is going to help kids and their caregivers make the most out of their shelter stay, with Patsy's Place!

Your help created the space, and now we need your help to make Patsy’s Place more than just four walls.  Working together, we know a goal of $30,000 by the end of October- enough to run a full year’s worth of programs, supports, play time and education- is not only possible but crucial to helping vulnerable kids in our community.

You can fundraise alone, create your own “team” of Ambassadors, or join a team that is already in place. It only takes 60 seconds to create your own personal fundraising page, and we will be with you every step of the way in order to make sure your campaign is a success.

Once we reach our goal, the leader(s) of the team that raised the most funds in support of Patsy’s Place will win a prize pack valued at over $500!

Looking to show your support, but not ready for your own personal page? Donate directly to the cause, or help another Ambassador reach their goal by donating to their campaign. Spread the word on social media. Talk about the campaign, and the Centre, to your family and friends, neighbours and coworkers- whoever will listen! 

To learn more about our campaign and how YOU can participate, click here!

Remember, every small amount and every new ambassador recruit adds up to make a huge difference in the lives of children experiencing homelessness.

Thanks for your support!

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